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    ORA-28031: maximum of 148 enabled roles exceeded




      I'm migrating data from 11.1 to 18c. We decided to do this via datapump.

      Normaly, I create the roles first, then the user - which worked fine on many databases.

      However, there are over 500 (yes!) roles in the system, one role for each applikation user.

      If I create the roles (as sys) the user sys is  granted each role, so the user sys belongs to over 500  (sic!) roles.

      When starting the import it runs in the error "ORA-28031: maximum of 148 enabled roles exceeded".


      Of course, I can revoke the roles from sys user by an script. I there any way to get around this?

      Further, I must admit: I did not know that creating a role makes the creator member of the group.