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    What do you think of this New Interface for Eloqua?


      I put together a demo for you here: https://resources.demandgen.com/videos/campaign-launchpad-for-oracle-eloqua?utm_source=topliners



      As one of the very early Eloqua clients going back to 2003, I have always been a huge fan of the platform. I literally have bet my career 2x on it, first when I was a client bringing it in to Ellie Mae. The second time was when I launched DemandGen in 2007 to help clients with the use and adoption of Eloqua. We've expanded into MarTech and other platforms, but net net, there is a special place in my heart for Eloqua and always will be.
      That passion has led to making innovations for Eloqua. Our biggest innovation has been Campaign Launchpad. We built a new interface two years ago that would enable marketers to build campaigns in just minutes with admins having complete assurance that governance would be adhered to.
      The response has been tremendous, but it's been pretty much a secret only shown to our clients and some word of mouth. We now feel it's time let the rest of the Eloqua community know about it.

      If you'd like to see a more personalized demo, let me me know. Please post your thoughts, questions, reactions here as well and I will moderate the discussion.
      Thank you so much to all our clients like IHS, NetApp, Splunk, Siemens, Sage, and a dozen others that helped to make Campaign Launchpad what it is today!


      Check it out and let me know your thoughts: https://resources.demandgen.com/videos/campaign-launchpad-for-oracle-eloqua?utm_source=topliners


        David Lewis
        CEO - DemandGen