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    OSB 12c DB Adpater Sequence issue on migration


      Hi Team -


      We are struggling with a strange issue post our code migration from OSB 11g to 12c specific to DB adapter insert script.


      Here is business flow.

      For request, we are trying to insert in multiple tables with parent child relationship using oracle DB adapter and thats working fine in 11g from years. so no issue from this end.


      Now we are working on migration and using same DB instance/JNDI but flow is getting migrated to 12c. So there is already a 11g version running on this DB and now we are testing with 12c.


      Issue is, say If I fire a request(insert) there is a strong possibility that it will work and insert data in DB but if we fire a new request immediately or within few minute, I get unique contraints error(because DB insert try to insert in multiple table and there we generate the unique id in each table)


      Caused by java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (****.****) violated



      this issue only happening with 12c process.. if we test with 11g, it work perfectly fine.

      could you pls tell me what could be possible issue here