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    RES 3700 5.7.3 error "Code 9 -Failed to export report (SOLVED)

    Aleksandar Jelovac

      Dear all,


      I've reported to MOS SR with this error on just upgraded RES 3700 5.7MR3. It was about reports: MI_R001, MI_R002, MI_R101 and MI_R102.

      In 3700d.log I had:


      Error in File MI_R002 2668_3772_{AD4F96F1-FA96-4068-8D81-6B80DB7DE097}.rpt:

      Failed to retrieve data from the database.

      Details: [Database Vendor Code: -193 ] |


      They told me that they had similar issue 10 days ago and its about bug...so waiting for new MR in RES 3700 5.7 was only solution.

      Downgrade to 5.6 was not solution for me..

      But, I found solution and want to share it with community.

      I replaced mentioned reports with 5.0. 4.x and even some 3.x and for now it is working fine.

      Of course, I will update my SR with this solution but just wanted to share this here also.