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    Oracle RDF Data Model and SNA

      i'm a master student and currently I'm working on my master thesis. My thesis is about analysing academic events(conferences, workshops, symposiums) by applying social network analysis methodologies. I got to know about Oracle RDF Data Model and I'm interested to know if this model fits to my application data.
      In general I will have data about:
      EVENTS like name, location, homepage, members,papers, chair, begin_date, end_date etc.,
      PERSONS like name, affilication, homepage etc.
      ARTICLES like tile, authors, reference etc.
      My questions are:
      1) In the documentation: Oracle® Spatial Resource Description Framework (RDF) there exist enough info for RDF data model, but unfortunately is for me still unclear the case when you need to create more than one SDO_RDF_MODEL. Considering my data do I have to create three SDO_RDF_MODEL?
      2) Does the query performance change, if more than one SDO_RDF_MODEL are created?

      I'd really appreciate, if I could get an answer. Furthermore, any additional information or comments are welcome.

      Best regards,
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          Thank you for your interest.

          (1) Regarding multiple models, the question is at what granularity you want to query your data. If you frequently query EVENTS, PERSONS and ARTICLES individually, then it might be useful to store them as separate models, so that the amount of data you access during a single query is less. Additionally, if you create a rules index (a rules index is an inferred triple set) on a model and will frequently update that individual model, then separate models might work well (note that in 10gR2 a rules index has to be re-created when the model is updated for complete results).
          On the other hand, if most of your queries are going to be on data from all three models, then a single model can be used, since the entire data set is being queried on a regular basis.

          (2) There will be a slight performance difference between querying across all three models and querying one single model with all the data (the latter will be better). So if most of your queries are across all of your data, a single model will work well.

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            Thanks a lot,
            I really like to give a try with Oracle RDF Data Model;-). Could you recommend to me some most completely examples using Oracle RDF Data Model?

            Best Regards,

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              There are many people in the Life Science and Medical domains who are using the Oracle RDF data model. One example is Stanford's Pathway Knowledge Base at Projects in other domains are also currently underway.

              Once your master's thesis is done, maybe you can post a link to the thesis on this site?

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                Hi Evanela

                If you do manage to find an good example could you post up where to find it. I am currently trying to learn how to use the Oracle RDF model and am having a hard time finding examples other than the simple ones of family and article presented in the documentaiton. Thanks

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                  Here is a sample application.


                  As and when I am able to share such sample applications publicly I will do so.