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    create a web archive reference the Oracle Application Express image files

    Rosario Vigilante

      HEllo to all


      sure is a silly question


      I have a db server 11g

      another server  FMW12 (I use for Forms 12c and reports)

      I have to install ORDS (for replace mod_sql (dads config) )


      I have a quesyion when installing and configuration,  I arrive to

      Use the static command to create a web archive file named i.war:

      java -jar ords.war static <apex directory>\images 
      I don't know where I must to get then,
      because may apex image dir is on DB server,
      Do I have to copy then from DB install on FMW server where I am doing installation is it true?
      and then as written in Guide , I can delete image dir
      thanks for answer and time