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    IG file browser column type


      Apex 18.2.


      Page items has type "File browser" but I can not find that type for IG column. Is there a way to upload images into a blob IG column?

      My IG is based on a table which has column IMG. The user needs to upload the image to the column of the IG.

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          If you have  a reason to use IG, instead of IR... the only thing I can think of... is to have an extra column with a button (there is someone else asking about how to add the button) to trigger (with DA) a dialog to allow the user to upload a Blob. Then refresh the IG.

          Now, regarding the download of the file... there is a way, is about using a link, that you can mask as a button if you please, and use some pl/sql procedures/packages to download a file. There are several posts around that explain how to get this done, all you would have to do, is have a column to add this URL in order to click an download the file. At this moment, this is the only way I know you can achieve this in IGs... so if you think you could get away just using IR, I would recommend doing so, since it is a lot easier to achieve the upload/download of the file.


          Hope this helps.


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