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    19.1, Sample App "Sample Charts" -> Gantt, issues


      Hi APEX team,

      19.1, Sample App "Sample Charts" -> Gantt

      Please take a look at the things maked in red.

      From my point of view these are issues needing attention.

      2019-04-14 17_43_03-Window.png

      Thank you and best regards


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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle

          Hi Andre,


          Thanks for your post - so you're referring to 2 things in your post:


          1.  The settings of the major axis - the information that's displayed on the axes of a Gantt chart can be customised via the respective nodes in Page Designer.  So for that particular example, the Time Scale of the major axis is 'Month' - which is why you're seeing the values of October and January.  In your own charts, you can set that Time Scale to suit your own requirements.


          2. The tooltip labels - I'll need to investigate this further, and will update the thread with my findings.