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    Filter using in expression and go to detail analyzes

    Alex Sharkov

      Hi all

      I have some detail table ex.  <MyAction>

      There is some ActionType - is attr of <MyAction>


      When i create AgregatedAnaliz i do:

      <month> <count of ActionType 2 and 3> <count of ActionType 3 and 4>

      Just using filter i do:

      someMeasure1:  filter(<some measure> using ActionType   in (2,3))

      someMeasure2:  filter(<some measure> using ActionType   in (3,4))


      and so on

      Work nice


      I whant to go by Action from agregated analiz to  Detail table of  <MyAction> with automaticaly filter:  ActionType   in (2,3)

      Is it possible?

      Of course i set  filter on DetailedAnaliz -  ActionType 

      But it not working