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    db_file_name_convert & log_file_name_convert - Please help me


      I moved a database from one machine to another machine.
      In the first machine all file resides at F:\oradata\BOASM

      In my new machine F: drive is not available.
      So in the new machine I kept all files in E:\oradata\BOASM

      I changed controlfile locations, user_dump_dest,core_dump_dest,background_dump_dest in 'initBOASM.ora'

      Also I added

      db_file_name_convert=('F:\oradata\BOASM' 'E:\oradata\BOASM')
      log_file_name_convert=('F:\oradata\BOASM' 'E:\oradata\BOASM')

      to initBOASM.ora

      But while starting up database it is showing this error..
      SQL> startup
      ORACLE instance started.

      Total System Global Area 260643680 bytes
      Fixed Size 453472 bytes
      Variable Size 150994944 bytes
      Database Buffers 109051904 bytes
      Redo Buffers 143360 bytes
      Database mounted.
      ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 1 - see DBWR trace file
      ORA-01110: data file 1: 'F:\ORADATA\BOASM\SYSTEM01.DBF'

      Why this error is commig please help me.
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