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    Advice how to get p_https_host right in apex_web_service.make_request ?


      Just switching from and faced challenging situation with not having proper CN values for p_https_host parameter set.

      While I have several ws to be consumed and there will be several CN values, I would like to have programmatic method to find correct value for p_https_host .

      It seems to pretty difficult to find correct CN by investigating the server certs etc.


      Any hints on this?


          l_xml := apex_web_service.make_request(
               p_url          => 'myloginurl.somewhere.xyz'
              ,p_action       => v_full_url
              ,p_envelope     => v_envelope
              ,p_proxy_override => 'proxy-somewhere.inmyinternal.network:1234'
              ,p_wallet_path  => wallet_path
              ,p_wallet_pwd   => wallet_password
              ,p_https_host => 'howtoget.correct.cn.here'


      rgrds Paavo

      ps. I have read the following and I have done several manual trials to get the p_https_host correctly:
      12.2 upgrade - it can break all your outgoing https calls | Oracle FAQ

      error ORA-24263 with social login microsoft