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    Unable to Execute Host Program Concurrnet - No Such File or Directory


      Running R12.1.3
      I am trying to set up a new concurrent request that calls a shell script but it fails with an error indicating that the file is not found.

      I have been unable to find another thread that has provided an answer that has worked.

      I have done the following steps:

      1. Wrote the script (XXXXMAILOUTPUT.prog).  For troubleshooting purposes on this issue, I stripped it down to a bare minimum.
        set -x
        # Input Variables - First 5 Fixed
        echo "Hello World"
      2. Transferred the script to my application bin directory (/hcdevapps/apps_st/appl/xxxx/12.0.0/bin)

      3. Set the permissions to 775.

      4. Created a symbolic link
        ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr XXXXMAILOUTPUT
      5. Verified that the permissions and symbolic link are correct.  All appears to be fine.  The permissions and link are identical to other scripts that are working on my environment.
      6. Set up the concurrent executable to call the Host program.
      7. Set up a concurrent request to call the executable.
      8. Ran the concurrent request.


      The concurrent runs but it fails with error in the log file:

      : No such file or directory /hcdevapps/apps_st/appl/xxxx/12.0.0/bin/XXXXMAILOUTPUT
      Program exited with status 127


      Originally the owner of the file was not the same as other scripts; we changed ownership on both the file and the symbolic link to be the same owner as other scripts that work.

      We have stopped and restarted the concurrent manager and we've also made sure to use a new eBS session in case anything was cached.


      Is there another step that we have missed?  Any other advice?  Thanks in advance.