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    last update date of a workflow


      Hi all

      is there a way to see if a workflow was updated by Workflow builder


      i can find with this query when he was patched but its not what i want

      direct Workflow builder update won't be there


      select f.FILE_ID,f.APP_SHORT_NAME "TOP",f.SUBDIR,f.FILENAME,v.file_version_id,v.VERSION,v.creation_date,v.last_update_date,fu.USER_NAME "Updated By"

        from ad_files f, ad_file_versions v, fnd_user fu

      where f.FILE_ID = v.FILE_ID

      and f.FILENAME like '%.wft'

         and fu.user_id = v.LAST_UPDATED_BY

      order by v.last_update_date desc  ;