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    invokeWS action type in fault policy




      For invoking a web-service from fault policy, we need to provide the URI when setting up the action. (Absolute wsdl path>|service name|port name).

      Where do we need to provide the payload, is this in Property set?


      Does anyone has a working example on this.


      Also the actions - enqueue, fielAction, and invokeWS are NOT available for standard fault names (bpelx:remoteFault, bpelx:bindingFault, bpelx:assertFault), others are there.

      But all actions are there under a custom fault name.




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          Hi, Using Java option for Action is easier and provides better control in my opinion. The IFaultRecoveryJavaClass which you would extent gives you the service related data that might need. From the java class you would be able to invoke a webservice as well.