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    Calling BIP report with hyperlink issue

    Benny Gong-Oracle

      When customer  use the hyperlink to navigate to a address like "baidu://message/?sid=&&id=DS_1207" in rft.

      The address was changed to "file:///u01/oracle/config/mserver/bi_domain/baidu:/message/?sid=&&id=DS_1207" when view the report.


      Tried to create a form field as below:

      <fo:basic-link external-destination="url('baidu://message/?sid=&&id=DS_1207')" color="blue" text-decoration="underline">

      But still the same issue,any idea about this?




      I can confirm the issue is caused by the special hyperlink address,but don't know how to make bi publisher to consider it like a normal one,many thanks.


      Note:baidu://message/?sid=&&id=DS_1207 will call a third-party program to execute some procures to collect data.