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    How to check if a form is started via FSAL




      Release notes don't contain anything about determining the startup method. 
      Is there a way to determine which way Forms was started ?  

      I know we could do it with a JPC but I would prefer builtin code.

      Is the WEBUTIL_SEPARATE_FRAME any helpful ?  It is mentioned in the release notes, but nowhere in the documentation (12..




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          Matthew D.

          Use built-in get_application_property to get config name from formsweb.cfg an application is using.



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            Frank Hoffmann-colognedata



            the application can run in FSAL or browser plugin from the same configuration. I would suggest

            to add the parameter "fsalcheck" in the browser configuration (webutiljpi) as additional parameter

            (use static value fsalcheck=FALSE)


            Then you can check it during runtime.


            fsalcheck=TRUE        you run FSAL

            fsalcheck=FALSE      you run HTTP Plugin


            vch_is_fsal := upper(webutil_browser.getappletparameter('fsalcheck'));


            if upper(nvl(vch_is_fsal,'FALSE')) = 'TRUE'


                 message('You run FSAL');


                 message('You run http plugin');

            end if;


            Also it is helpful to check if you run FSAL on a 32Bit Java Archiv or Plugin

            webutil_clientinfo.GET_SYSTEM_PROPERTY('os.arch') <> 'x86'