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    How can I orchestrate operations on an Oracle Data Appliance for DevOps?


      I don't have Oracle Cloud, but we do have an Oracle Data Appliance, X7-HA.  I can create VMs and the rest with oakcli, by hand, but I wanted to orchestrate things more with tools like Puppet.  But, since the ODA_BASE is the only place I can create VMs from, I wanted to know if it is a bad practice to install anything in the base.  Isn't that were all the Oracle instances and schemas are?  I really don't want to break those.  And I didn't think I was supposed to be installing much in Dom0 either, the Xen Hypervisor.


      If it is not something I should be doing on the base, is it possible to created another VM and and when I script something ssh into the base and issue my vm commands?  But wouldn't I still need Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, etc. on the ODA_BASE?