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    Open JDK / JRE on client desktops


      For a third party application we are thinking of upgrading, they require DK/JRE on the desktops. To avoid Oracle's licensing for JDK, we are thinking of using Open JDK/JRE on the client desktops. The EBS servers would continue to use Oracle JDK. Does anyone have experience with using Open JDK/JRE only on the client desktops with EBS?

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          I had a meeting with an Oracle License Compliance firm on Java licensing with EBS, and was informed that the license for EBS includes a license to use java to run the application on client desktops.  You only need a java license if you create your own custom java applets, not for just opening standard Oracle forms or workflow diagrams etc.

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            As I stated, this is for another third party application that needs JDK. In some, but not all cases, the third party application could be on the same desktop as those running EBS. However, there will be other desktops that do not use Oracle EBS.