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    Sharing the experiences in Customer connect

    Raja Ivaturi

      I wanted to share the experiences in the customer connect and seek the opinions on how the tools can help.

      In one of my organizations when I took over as the Delivery head I started meeting each of the customer. Everytime I met the customer for the first time the customer said "Oh OK you are the new Delivery head. and I guess you will never meet me again!".


      Not sure of how to react, I only answered with a smile that I will prove them wrong.

      I started following the standard schedule and the corporate content to share  periodically and on the special occasions such as Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year, Halloween. I also used the occassions to communicate when my organization got some good recognition, acquired a company, or any other such milestone. I tracked the birthdays of the key customers and sent the greetings regularly. I had a schedule to take each of the stakeholder for a lunch. And what not? All went as per my plans.


      Like many organizations, the organization with which I was working has a practice of taking 3rd party services to conduct Customer satisfaction survey on which we dont have any visibility till the report is published by the agency.

      And the results were announced !


      They were shocking.

      Many customers rated us as Neutral and just a couple rated us as Promoters. Promoter rating happens when they score us at 9 or 10 out of 10. Neutral is when the score is 7 or 8.


      Confused I met each of the customers to get the feedback. Some customers said they thought score of 8 is very good (80%) and they didnt know the impact the rating gives. Beyond all this almost all customers said there is nothing great about our services. One customer showed me the bunch of Business cards from my Organization and said "all these gentlemen met me. But no followup".


      I went to my Guru and asked him why is this. He laughed and told me "Customers are not fools. Agree regular touch helps. But when it is not coupled with value addition, it will give you nothing. You must be congratulated because no one rated you as detractor"

      I asked him what should I do than?


      My guru responded "Feedback! Take the feedback. Everytime you meet the customer might be telling a few things. They may not always sound like concerns or escalations. But they imply some requirements for improvements or addressing the pains"


      Than he asked me. "What were you doing now with the customers when they gave multiple ratings and feedback?"

      "I am meeting all the neutral customers....."

      "Wrong " Guru interrupted me.

      "Apart from the ratings, please read the feedback. There will be comments on your services apart from the score and rating"

      I nodded my head.

      Note all the comments and make a plan of action with whatever understanding you have.

      1. Call and thank the Promoters immediately. Send a thanks note as well for record.

      2. Call the Neutrals and schedule meetings immediately

      3. Call the Detractors and inform them that you received the feedback and working on actions. "Send" your proposed plan and thats when seek their time. Please note the detractors may be agitated and may not want to meet you immediately. You still need to meet them"

      Finally you need to explain the concept of customer satisfaction survey and elaborate in detail how their scores are translated in to ratings. "Dont" ask them to rate us as Promoter. But explain them t score us according to how they want to rate us"

      "There are tools which will facilitate this entire exercise to be performed systematically. But you as the account manager need to understand the essence of Customer connect. All the best"