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    How to decide the Item Class Structure



      My client is requesting us to recommend and help them to decide the item class structure as they are not able to decide the same.

      I am suggesting few points which can be food for thought for them to decide what kind of item class hierarchy would be suitable for them:

      1. Item class can be decided on the basis on grouping items when NIR process flow is required
      2. Data quality and matching is required
      3. Item number and description need to follow any particular sequence
      4. Item Class can be created for specials
      5. Item class can be created based on organization structure
      6. Item class can be created based on regions where the business operates

      Please let me know if you have any pointers or suggestion which can be helpful to decide the item class structure. If you can suggest any hierarchy that you may have followed in your past implementations then it would be of great help.