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    On-the-Fly/One-Off/Special Item creation While creating Sales Order




      Our client is looking for functionality to create the item while creating the Sales Order which means creating a new item while creating the Sales Order.

      Also, our client will use PDH to maintain the items.

      Therefore, Oracle has provided one solution which is a workaround while giving the demo of Oracle Order Management Cloud. Please find below the suggested workaround by Oracle:

      1. First, create a dummy item into PDH (PIM) - for example, Special Item
      2. Use this dummy item while creating the sales order and search it and add it into Sales Order. Please note that this is just dummy item and will not have any on hand qty
      3. As per Oracle now we can define DFFs at Oracle line level which will capture the attributes and information related to Item
      4. After that Webservice will be called to create item into PDH (PIM)
      5. Now, those web service will create item into PDH which can, in turn, can also add the newly created item back into the same Sales Order line.

      Please help me with below queries on the workaround provided by Oracle:

      1. Please let me know if this is a really feasible solution.
      2. Also, if by any chance we are able to create the item into PDH using web services (which will get called from Order entry page in OM ) then is it possible to add the item back to the same Sales Order line.
      3. What will happen to the Dummy item line which is already available at Order entry line? How we can delete the dummy item line from the Order entry page as from front end we can't delete the line so I am not sure, if through web services it can be achieved or not

      I have a recording of the Oracle demo session which I can share for your ready reference.