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    ORDS 18.1/18.2 APEX 18.1/18.2 - REST Enabled EndPoint URL failure


      We have installed and enabled ORDS 18.1 on Apache 7 (apache-tomcat-7.0.93) using jdk1.8.0_192 on RHEL 5.11 (64 bit OS) against APEX 18.1 on 11GR2 ( database. The database is running under oracle userid and another user is running Tomcat 7 enabled with ORDS 18.1. We are using sample tables EMP and DEPT. Schema XXAPEX is ORDS enabled


      EndPoint URL: http://locahost:9999/ords/xxapex/hr/empinfo/


      The EndPoint URL when used within the browser does download data in CSV format. However the same URL when used with APEX Builder -> Shared Components -> REST Enabled SQL screen fails with the following error message



      The URL of this remote server does not point to an REST Enabled SQL Service. Please check the details of your REST Enabled SQL Service definition.


      So far tried ORDS 18.2 /Tomcat 8 against APEX 18.2 on 11GR2 ( but still see error message.


      Enabled debugger TRUE on the screen - nothing is displayed

      Apache log file has following message recorded - "POST /ords/xxapex/hr/empinfo//_/sql HTTP/1.1" 404":


      Need help from fellow members to resolve this issue in using the REST Enabled SQL feature with ORDS.