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    HFM consolidation intermittent failure


      Hi Team,


      One month ago our DBA tried to upgrade HFM DB version from 12.1 to 12.2 but due to some technical error, upgrade failed and DBA had to restore the database with backup. Exactly from that time we are facing an issue where few of HFM consolidation run are getting successful while few are getting failed (for example 2 run are successful out of 5 runs). Its happening randomly on applications.Following error is appearing in log:

      An error occurred in creating an ODBC connection


      The error in the application log file:


      [2019-03-20T12:32:52.388483-07:00] [XFM] [ERROR:1] [EPMHFM-07392] [XFM] [ecid: ] [File: XfmODBC.cpp] [Line: 203] [userId: ] [appName: ABCDEFGH] [pid: 13552] [tid: 9260] [host: Winhfmt2] [nwaddr: [fe8sdf0::30fd:d95be1234567:e9f3:3dfg11c%13]:0;[fe2380::90fgbhj21:ac41:31b1:a937%12]:20;130.3450.4.64890:0;120.3122.129.20127:0;102.332.49.1800:0;10.32.3343.155:0;[2002:821e:440::821e:440]:0;] [errorCode: 800402B5] [srcException: NotSpec] [errType: 1] [dbUpdate: 2] [] An unknown error occurred in an ODBC object. [[1 record: SQLSTATE = HYT00; NATIVE ERROR = 0; MSG = [DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]Timeout expired.2 record: SQLSTATE = 08001; NATIVE ERROR = -6; MSG = [DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Network Operation Timed Out.]]


      It seems there is intermittent database connectivity loss which application is unable to recover.


      We have tried almost all the normal workarounds what we do for such cases but we couldn't get rid of this intermittent issue.


      Oracle support is saying to upgrade HFM from current version .204 to 208 but Like this problematic environment, we have same HFM and Database version in Production environment as well but this intermittent issue is not there. So I don't understand the logic of upgrading HFM and expecting this DB intermittent connection issue will be fixed. Moreover, even in this problematic environment before DB upgrade failure, everything was working fine.


      Could you please let me know how to reach to exact cause of this intermittent issue and fix that?


      Thanks in Advance!

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          Madhusudhan. M

          Unable to open Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) application with Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) enabled for Data Encryption, error “An unknown error occurred in an ODBC object. [[1 record: SQLSTATE = 08001; NATIVE ERROR = -4; MSG = [DataDirect]" (Doc ID 2239410.1)


          Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Connection Issues "[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver][Oracle]ORA-03114: Not Connected" or "[ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver]Unexpected Network Error. ErrNum = 10060]" (Doc ID 2113368.1)



          Did you clear temp and cache files and check out once. Did you check schema is fine or corrupted, restore with good backup and try again with consolidation.