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    Java License terms


      Good morning,

      Java by Oracle has changed their License terms since 16/4.


      As Opera is using the Java Client on the workstation, Our users are seeing the newly updated license terms which is stating that it only can be used for personal use, and not commercial.


      What is the official statement from Oracle about this? What can we tell our users?



      thank you.

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          Customer is entitled to download and use Java SE updates and patches to run the product on the server. In addition, when the Oracle product, uses client-side Java applications (browser-based or standalone), as in the case of OPERA, the customer is entitled to download and install Java SE updates and patches on the desktop PCs used to run the client applications. Incidental use of the same Java-enabled browser to access non-Oracle Java web-based applications is permitted but not supported.


          Above content is covered in the My.Oracle.Support Note 1557737. Please refer your customers to this link, to ensure the information provided is the official statement from Oracle.  My.Oracle.Support Note 1557737.1


          Kind regards,