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    cant find medrec app



      I installed suite on win 7, the install went fine, following the installation guide i want to start the medrec application, per the blessed guide i am reading


      1.Select Programs from the Start menu and then select Sample from the Oracle Application Testing Suite menu.

      2.Select Start MedRec Application.


      Problem is - i don't see, i don't have above mentioned  'Start MedRec Applicatoion' or just 'MedRec Application' under Oracle Application Testing Suite menu item.


      What is that that i can be missing?






      Today is April 24, same year


      Not sure if this forum is monitored - what i found out is that medrec deployment script has OATS location hardcoded as C:\OracleATS. And in my case case i did the install under C:\Oracle\OATS.

      Once i made a decision to go with the flow and reinstalled according to the hardcoded values the medrec app turned up in the Programs menu !)