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    Oracle/Grid privileged account management through Cyber-Ark


      We would like to manage all our Database and OS privileged accounts through Cyber-Ark, however we have corrective actions set up in Oracle Enterprise Manager to automatically address standard issues, and these corrective actions use these privileged accounts.  Is there an API that allows Oracle Enterprise Manager to log into Cyber-Ark to obtain the appropriate privileged account password for performing corrective actions?  If so, does anyone know the steps necessary to set this up?

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          Ian Baugaard



          I'd be curious to know how the database portion of your CyberArk journey goes. We've implemented OS authentication, with a varying degree of success to be honest and are cautiously approaching the DB side of things.


          Off the top of my head, I think your corrective actions are going to need to be re-looked at, since I'm assuming your implementation will negate using named credentials with SSH keys in OEM as well?