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    You are not a member of this Sales Order in Oracle Social Network OM to OSN


      Hi My customer is trying to use Oracle Social Network in Fusion Order management (on 19A )

      when he clicks on the Icon on the OM page he gets the following error

      "You are not a member of this Sales Order in Oracle Social Network"

      He cannot access any other Social Network in Fusion either (Maybe because he is working OM now)

      I looked in Knowledge base as well in the forums and Communities and have not found anything. 

      He has gone through the following and still no luck

      Per the security reference manual – Roles Contingent Worker, Employee have Social Connection Worker privilege. Please verify if these roles/privilege exists.

      If a role/privilege is added, they run Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes ESS job.

      Please refer to the security reference manual for the privileges related to Social Network. There is a privilege for the Manage Social Group.






      I thank You ahead of time for your time


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          Marc Houle -Oracle

          The first question is whether the user can login to OSN directly (i.e. into the stand-alone OSN web UI). If they can login, then it's possible there's a problem with their provisioning. That can be cleared up by an Administrator through the Admin UI (they just need to resync the users with FA). If they cannot login, then it's possible the user wasn't provisioned at all, in which case an Administrator should check their account settings in LDAP (and possibly resync users with FA again, afterwards).


          Note that Outside Users do not have access to social objects. So if this is a partner (as opposed to an employee), they will not be able to see some conversations related to some business objects. I don't think that's the case here, given the information you provided, but I mention it for completeness.


          Hope that helps,