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    When to apply ETCC Patches


      We are in the process of upgrading the EBS at a client from to 12.2.7  We’ve run three iterations of the upgrade and keep coming down to an elapsed time of 5 days.   We only have a 4-day window.  The DBA proposed installing the ETCC patches the weekend prior to “upgrade weekend” in order to shave off a significant block of time.  I am no DBA (what he does is black magic to me) - so I have no idea if what he is proposing is reasonable and reliable.


      If we apply the ETCC patches well beforehand, we are changing the sequence of patching that we have religiously followed – which makes me nervous. 


      I am attempting to “vet” the change to make sure there is no risk associated with applying the ETCC patches well in advance of the actual upgrade.


      Looking for advice and comments…