/u01/app/19.0.0/grid vs. /u01/19.0.0/grid




    I was reading the following regarding the Oracle Home directory for Grid Infrastructure:



    From what I understand, the above URL appears to be telling the same story about /u01/app/19.0.0/grid and /u01/19.0.0/grid and both seem to accomplish the same goal. What's the difference?


    Also, comparing the information with the following, there is no mention of /u01/19.0.0/grid at all.



    So I don't understand why not installing the GI software in /u01/19.0.0/grid. And why bother with /u01/app/19.0.0/grid?


    Any ideas?



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        Giving this some more thought, perhaps the issue here is whether one installs GI before or after installing other database products. I suppose installing GI in /u01/app and installing other Oracle products in /u01/app later will be fine. What happen after applying GI patches I don't know. I also wonder why bother to install GI in /u01 and not some other filesystem instead.