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    Issue with system() call with libclntsh.so.19.1


      Hi all,


      I am testing Oracle Client 19.3 on Linux 64b and face a strange side effect with the system() function:


      From time to time, after connecting to the server, the system() call returns -1/fail, and in other cases it returns 0/success.


      This is in a context of a QA test that runs for years now, and the only difference is the use of version Oracle client 19.3 versus 18.3.

      When using 18.3 I do not get the problem.


      I suspect that some system calls have changed in libclntsh.so.19.1, so I have compared strace outputs, but it's not easy to figure out what has changed.

      So at least for now I wanted to warn Oracle here that something is not working as expected. I will continue to investigate.


      Maybe at Oracle support you can try to reproduce with a simple OCI program, with parent connecting to server and the executing a child process with system().

      Child command does not matter, can be a simple "ls -l > /tmp/zz" ...




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