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    Real-time Monitoring - OS Files - Cant find fileauditmodule- to download


      Have a customer who  needs to download this file to load the kernel module to configure OS File Compliance Monitoring.


      In this link the file is not present. Only the txt file.


      If you navigate to https://oss.oracle.com/projects/fileauditmodule/files/EM%2013c/

      Select kernel module source RPM-> SELECT LATEST there is only a txt file for





      The RPM in this folder is version fileauditmodule-



      This RPM is used for Enterprise Manager agents



      The following are the changes in this version since version

        * Updated revision number to support 13.2





      No download file like in older versions such as noarch.rpm



      Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you




      I have emailed: fileauditmodule-dedevel-owner@oss.oracle.comvel@oss.oracle.com with no response so thought I would try this