Startup problems on Windows10 - Need to launch two incarnations of SQL Developer


    I have exactly the same problem as described in the OP in this archived discussion: Strange program taking over SQL Developer, anyone else?


    Some additional background on my scenario:

    • New Windows 10 64-bit machine - not upgraded from previous versions.
    • No separate installation of Java or JDK.
    • Earliest version of SQL Developer ever installed on this machine = 18.x
    • Downloaded and installed the latest 19.1 with JDK
    • Problem symptoms are the same regardless of whether run from the Windows command prompt or Windows shell/GUI


    Now the interesting thing is this scenario:

    1. Try running SQL Developer and it hangs with that blank Java screen as shown in the OP of the above linked thread.
    2. Leave that window open in the background and try running SQL Developer a second time and SQL Developer works properly and opens fully.
    3. But exit (kill) the first one and then try re-running just brings up the blank screen again.


    So the work-around is that I have to launch SQL Developer twice to get it to run as the first running copy hangs as described.  And once it's properly up and running, the hung session can be exited and the working incarnation continues to work properly.  Hence it's usable but this process is a bit cumbersome.


    Suggestions on how to debug or additional information that you'd like me to provide thatJeffSmith-Oracle ?