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    Java SE 8 licensing is confusing! Help needed.


      Hi all,

      I needed some clarification regarding the latest Java licensing changes to Java SE 8.

      I'm unable to open any ticket to support as I am don't purchase any Java product from Oracle but only Database Products, MOS has rejected my question before as what I'm asking isn't related to my purchased product.


      So basically the question is regarding Java JRE which were installed to all our office laptops. During the latest update of Java 8 we (IT Teams) got some questions from our users regarding a pop up stating the changes on Java's licensing which are now strictly for personal use & not commercial use. We are using Java SE 8 mainly because we have a very old web portal which require Java JRE for some of it's calender pop ups. This users are not doing any sort of developments using java but merely end users.


      So how does this new licensing terms affect us? I tried to install OpenJDK's JRE but none of them works on the web portal as the pop up will not open.

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          I am an Oracle admin and we've spent the last 2 weeks gathering information on which systems Java is used. In all probably over 10 people are now working on this!!!


          I may be able to help, but please don't quote me.


          Personal use is personal use - free, but I agree, it's has now become a grey area.


          The latest version update 211 requires to purchase a licence. That's on the Java download page.


          Any version below 211 is free.


          Newest release requires a licence:

          Version 8 Update 211 Release date April 16, 2019


          If you have and Oracle installation that includes JDK for example, like Fusion Middleware and Oracle Forms you are paying a licence and Java is included in the installation.

          I am upgrading our Oracle Forms installation to 12c, the Weblogic and Middleware use Java 8 211, but clients are on 201, so will the Oracle Forms ask the clients to use latest Java version? Will I also have to upgrade the clients to have Java 8 211+ ? That would mean starting paying a licence?


          Any non-Oracle installation or third party application that requires Java - for commercial use like in a company that needs Java on PC's will require a licence.


          On our PC's Java will cease to exist, unless it is and non-updated updated 201 version, so the latest free version is Java 8 201. We will download it and shop auto-updates.


          I would like to ask Oracle about Red Hat Linux server for example. I have a server that uses Openedge Progress that has Java installed, but this is a non-Oracle (third party) product. Correct ?!!!!

          This is albeit still an old version:

          openjdk full version "1.8.0_131-b12"

          This is OpenJDK which is Opensource, so anyway, if I am paying Red Hat for the Linux server I should not require any licence. Correct?