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    Ask : migrating from AIX to linux


      hi all,


      sorry for some ,maybe newbie, question,

      we have tuxedo 9.1 in Aix IBM server.

      aplication using it is Power Builder.


      1. we want to buy new server, and plan to use linux.

          how to migration or to move to that new server ,

         or we have to installed brand new ?


      2. if we change the Oracle DB to other IP address,

           what file configuration we have to change ?

           any link or book to read about tuxedo for newbie ?



      wawan - indonesia

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          My guess is that you have Power Builder windows app that connects to the WSL. Your biggest problem is to migrate your existing tuxedo servers compiled on AIX using IBM XL C/C++ to Linux and GCC compiler. It should be painless if you have "clean" code but it can take from days to months depending on your application size and test scenarios to pass. Database can be on remote machine but preferably on the same hardware and different virtual image. You can use Oracle Instant Client with database configuration in tnsnames.ora