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    Ability to Specify a From-Email Address for PO Communication to Supplier at BU Level

    Shishu Pal Singh

      We are on Oracle Cloud ERP, Release 13, 19A


      This is related to From Email Address on PO Supplier Communication Emails.

      Apparently, Oracle only gives an option to chose a basis (either Automatic or Buyer) for the from email address via the Profile PO_FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS.

      Automatic e-mail address is an automatic no-reply Email address from Oracle (with ....@oracelcloud.com) and we cannot specify the value.

      Buyer’s e-mail is basically – What is setup on Buyer’s user account. This is derived for each PO using the Buyer on that PO.


      It doesn't fulfill our requirements:


      We need to 
      1. specify a unique Email address for each BU as "From" Email Address on PO Communication Emails which goes to Suppliers. 
          It seems there is no provision in system to configure this. How can this be achieved ?
      2. Also, some customer may want to specify a Site Level value for From Email Address  but a non-Oracle one.

          But system does not allow to specify that "From Email Address" as well. How can one specify their own unique Global "From Email" Address for PO Communication Emails.


      3. We also want to be able to see the sent e-mails (Email which are sent to Supplier's). Is there a way to access those emails to be check/review what was sent (or not sent) to suppliers?