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    Requisition Approval was stuck with the Second Approver

    Judeth Cubillo

      Hi All,


      Good day!

      Just wanna ask in here if there is someone knows or encountered an issue where a certain requisition was in pending approval and the approver cannot approve.

      Below is the error that was encountered:


      "Invalid action on workflow task or user does not have privilege to perform this action. Make sure that the action is valid with respect to the current state of the task or ensure that the user has privilege to perform  this action on the workflow task."


      You can also refer on the attached screenshot.


      The weird thing is that the error above was only encountered in 2 requisition.. Other requisition can be approved successfully.


      Also upon checking the user account of the users involved in the workflow, the user(approver) experiencign the error was the only one having a difference Business Unit and Department.


      Hope someone can help me on this.

      Thanks in advance!