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    create dynamic pivot with subtotals at each group


      I have below Sample data from database to show as pivot with subtotal on each group



      Balance TypeService TypeDvisionOUBalance
      Past DueService 1Division 1Ou 110
      Past DueService 1Division 1Ou 220
      Past DueService 2Division 1Ou 130
      Past DueService 2Division 2Ou 240
      CurrentService 1Division 1Ou 150
      CurrentService 2Division 1Ou 260
      CurrentService 2Division 2Ou 170
      CurrentService 2Division 2Ou 270



      Expected Output in PLSQL Dynamic Content



      Service 1Service 1 TotalService 2Service 2 TotalGrand Total
      Division 1Division 1 TotalDivision 1Division 1 TotalDivision 2Division 2 Total
      Balance TypeOu1Ou2Ou1Ou2Ou1Ou2
      Past Due102030303030404070100
      Grand Total6020808030609070110180270350



      I want to create PLsql Dynamic Content to display a html report using htp.p with css or javascript . Also if possible i want some collapsible groups at each level.

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