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    EBS R12.1.3 forms get disconnected often


      EBS 12.1.3




      Hi ALL,


      We have EBS 12.1.3  installed on remote datacenter or in Oracle Cloud.

      We been using this for almost a year now.

      But lately we encountered issues. Our forms get easily killed or disconnected with error below, when we connect from our office.

      But if I connect from my home internet (isp)  my form is not being killed or disconnected fast.

      And if I have been long time idle, I am not being killed but need to relogin.

      Is this an issue with our office ISP? or could be a profile settings issue in EBS?



      Please help how to resolve this disconnection issue.



      Kind regards,


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             Is the forms are working fine from one network and not the other then its obviously the ISP/Network Issue. However, you can still tune below:

          1. ICX:Session Timeout - Set to 20mins for e.g.
          2. ICX: Limit Time
          3. Check the main document for FRM-92102. There could be several issues.
          4. Enable Tracing and try to find out why the sessions are failing.
          5. Work with network team of any errors or findings they can provide you.




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            Eric Z-Oracle

            Hi JC,


            Thanks for inviting, but I'm not a form expert though.


            Anyway, it looks like it's related to your network if it works perfectly fine at your home.

            If the issue occurs wherever you log in, you should check the load balancer settings, but in this case, it might have something to do with the firewall.




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              Hi JC,


              • When the error occurs again, click the "Details" Button to see the "error stack" ; that may give additional details/clue
              • Is there any f60webmx_dump_<processid> file created as a result  FORMS60_TRACE_PATH (or) admin/script directory.
                • This file will have some details of the error stack;which might give you root-cause of the issue
              • Have you set FORMS_CATCHTERM  (or) FORMS60_CATCHTERM ?
              • Have you set FORMS_TIMEOUT (or) FORMS60_TIMEOUT ?
              • Have you set the Profile “FND: Enable Cancel Query”


              Hope this helps!



              N Kandasamy

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                Thanks all,


                I will check ...brb

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                  Simple Patel

                  Hello ,


                  while working on oracle application forms

                  Open Command prompt

                  written   ping google.com -t

                  for testing a your internet is continues working or not

                  if your ping is request time out or not reachable the your forms disconnect due to internet connectivity loss


                  if not then check the profile option mention in above conversion.


                  please let us know if still getting issues.




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                    Hi ALL,


                    It is really very hard to diagnose the issue. and which finger to point to.

                    We can not tell what is wrong with setup or  with the ISP provider.

                    All the ISP Engr. can show is speedtest.net and shown that the download and upload speed is 120Mbps.

                    The ping -t  not is also continuous.


                    But when we run EBS apps, it still have issues and it seems that it  is blocking it or suspecting it as virus?


                    We have two internet plans subscribed to this ISP provider.

                    One Plan is 120Mbps (allotted for EBS access to Oracle Cloud)  and the other Plan is 30Mbs (allotted for users internet access e.g. email)

                    We then test to connect it to another modem (for email use) provided by the same ISP provider at the EBS apps went running okay,  good, and successful.

                    This is the only proof we show to the ISP provider that something is wrong with their other modem (ebs) service.


                    So my questions is, did the ISP provider inadvertently applied a program that block Oracle apps on the ebs modem?

                    Or is there a virus or hacking attack to it?

                    We requested the ISP provider to replace the modem itself. Is this reasonable?




                    Kind regards,

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                      Simple Patel




                      as per my knowledge if you ping is not continues then you will give forms issues.

                      and ping -t is continues then i think forms issues should not be comes.


                      and other think is speedtest.net it is just testing download and upload speed in just 1 minutes time period.

                      but not saying that your internet connection is continues but in forms it is required continues session in background in browser to ebs server.


                      for modem , virus, and antivirus software i can't suggest any thing as i don't have knowledge but may be creating issues.





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                        This can occur when you lose your network connection even for a split second.  When we get this, its usually related to that.


                        Do the issues only occur on laptops? 


                        Here are some possible followup questions...Do the laptops use WiFi or hard plugged ethernet?  Are people docking and undocking a lot? (docking/undocking/changing networks will generally disconnect forms)  Can you confirm they are actually using hard plugged ethernet even when they tell you they are?  There are sometimes windows logs that will show network connections connect and disconnect....

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                          Hi Aldrich,


                          This is on other ISP Plan (120mbps)

                          It happened both on desktop (Lan wired) and on laptop wifi.

                          The ping is continuous. But still the apps gets killed. or blocked.


                          But when we transfer to the other ISP network plan(30mbps), the connection is okay.




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                            Hi JC


                            Thanks for the update. Latency is also equally important.