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    JInitiator vs. Are they completly separate installed ?

    Gerd Volberg
      Actual situation: We have several huge forms-applications running with JINItiator No problem.

      Now we have one new forms-application developed, which runs on Forms 10g Rel. 2 with JInitiator Some PC's now need the parallel to their installation.

      In our test-environment the guys found out, that the JInitiator-Installation will change registry-keys for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\javaw.Exe and some other keys.

      They fear, that installing on a PC where is running changes permanently the destination for "javaw.exe". That may be no problem, but the test-guys say: "You have to test the whole big old application on, before we install"

      What should we do? We have to use for our little application and we have no time to check, if the old application with is running as before...

      Any ideas ?