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    Creating one Apply button for multiple dashboard prompts


      In various blog posts, we can find information about suppressing the display of Apply buttons on multiple dashboard prompts, and replacing them with a single Apply button.  This method has worked well in earlier releases of OBIEE.


      As taken from those blogs, the method for suppressing the Apply buttons is this:


      1. Create a new section at the top of the dashboard page;

      2. Set the css for that section to display:none, which will make the section invisible;

      3. Create a text object in that section with these contents:  <style type="text/css">.PromptViewCell .button{display:none}</style>

      4. Tick the 'Contains HTML Markup' checkbox;

      5. Save and run the dashboard.


      In OAC version, that process does not hide the Apply buttons.  Has there been a product change that would prevent this from working?  (I have tried this in both Firefox and Chrome.)  A Google search reveals no hits on the string ".PromptViewCell", other than for the hits pertaining to this topic in OBIEE, so it appears to me that perhaps the .PromptViewCell is a special css tag in OBIEE that has not been brought forward into the version of OAC that I am working with.


      Have you been able to implement this workaround in OAC