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    Oracle 12.1.x multi-tenant uprade to 18c (questions)

    Joe Giambrone

      Hello, I have upgraded many db's to 18.3.0 with no issues but I did my first multi-tenant one today and I am not sure it was as smooth as it could have been so a few questions for a guru out there.

      In a non multi-tenant setup they say purge the recycle bin, @utlrp, system stats, etc; etc;

      I assumed I would do this in my containter db and my pluggable...but when I executed ./dbua it said the recycle bin was not empty...I told it to fix and check...but, I had done this already.

      But, I let it do it and was fine....so, do you run the same sql for non multi-tenant on the main container along with the pluggable or do you have to do something the CDB$ROOT and PDB$SEED?