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    ASCP create extra planned order for safety stock which on hand can fufill it already.


      Dear Oracle Experts,


      Please support below issue. For item E75CR0910-15548-KO we have total on hand 7+7+11 = 25 EA, item safety stock shows 15EA, so the on hand qty already fulfill the safety stock demand. But ASCP suggests a Planned Order on 1/24/2020 10EA, and I check the pegging shows the demand from the safety stock. Why the planned order suggested by system? What's the purpose?





      Item Safety Stock (ASCP)



      ItemOrgEffective  DateUOMDescriptionQuantitySafety   Stock  Method
      E75CR0910-15548-KOSWC:8018-May-19eaGMW15548 PP PRIMER   18KGM15Non-MRP Planned   Percent


      Item Supply and Demand (ASCP)







      OrgItemOrder TypeSugg Due DateQty/RateExpiration DateOrder Number
      SWC:801E75CR0910-15548-KOOn Hand5/8/2019   5:04712/29/2019   0:00
      SWC:801E75CR0910-15548-KOOn Hand5/8/2019   5:0471/5/2020   0:00
      SWC:801E75CR0910-15548-KOOn Hand5/8/2019   5:04112/10/2020   0:00
      SWC:801E75CR0910-15548-KOPlanned order1/24/2020   0:0010 325357851