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    BUG: Query builder can't handle tables/views with (quoted) identifiers that contain a dot character


      I know it's not recommended, but for some business reasons we have an schema full of views with quoted identifiers. Some of them use the dot character. And if we try to build a query with the graphical query viewer (in SQL Developer version 19.1 and earlier), the resulting SQL is garbled.


      For example, if we build a simple query for a view with the identifier "122-RPSUXH: Apl. pressup. LNM", what should be


      SELECT *

      FROM    MCU$CRUD. "122-RPSUXH: Apl. pressup. LNM"


      ends up being






      122 - rpsuxh :apl "." pressup "


      If we correct manually the name of the view in the worksheet and go back to the query builder, it works. But we lose the point of the graphical builder by doing that.


      It looks like it should be an easy fix (and I understand it's not fixed because using identifiers of that kind should be really rare). Thanks in advance!