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    Mass Change of Stored Passwords in SQL Developer


      I am working with a team  in an environment where  I have to look after 70+ instances of Oracle, all of which have different passwords

      for the SYS user which is also changed on a monthly base by an external password safe appliance.

      I can get the SYS Password manually out of the safe but changing it all the time every month in SQL Developer is cumbersome to say the least.

      The safe has a REST API that I can use to retrieve all Passwords in Batch mode, so that side is safe.


      Now what remains missing is the change of the passwords within SQL Developer. I can export the Connections but the passwords are encrypted there
      and so cannot be changed in the json file. Is there a possibility to perform such a change ?


      And before you ask: The Access to the SQL Developer is secured, so that is not a concern here. Also it has the added benefit that the SYS Passwords are not known to the
      Administrators as the Change would happen in batch without user interference.


      Thanks in advance for your Input and regards,