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    OBI Saved Customization change


      Currently, we have users that will create a Saved Customization with the values that they would like to see in the prompts each time they apply it. However, since the selected values are static, there is some level of maintenance required by the user to ensure that the Saved Customization continues to fit their use case. For example, once we move from January to February, any user that has a Saved Customization with January as the month would have to edit the customization to have February selected from then on. The same scenario applies when the year changes over to the next year .In nutshell ,in teh saved customization except year and Month(which should pick value from Default value set up in the prompts) and the rest all other columns like LOB,Product ,etc.. should remain as it is.

      How to achieve the same ?

      As of now every month our business user is updating the saved customization with those year/month prompts for the wider groups.




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          Daniel Merchán



          To be honest, I am completitly lost what are you asking for. Can you be more specific on your Oracle WebCenter Portal question referring to version and what did you build? are using custom MDS or what is it?

          The questioin is related to Oracle WebCenter Portal? or are you asking for Oracle Business Intelligence?


          Kind regards.