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    How to solve update problem


      I have a paid subscription. I configured my router and put my public IP in my account, everything worked five except for public IP updates. You mentioned router update IP automatically and doesn't require update client application. I'm sending snapshots of my router configuration and account configuration as well. Kindly check why my public IP doesn't get updated in my account on your web when my internet modem restarts and get new public IP. Kindly have a look at pictures bellow.



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          The settings of the update client in your router seem to be correct in case you selected also the right WAN interface.  However, please note that your username is *not* your e-mail address unless you have chosen to be it your e-mail address when initially signing up to Dyn.  Else this is definitely the reason why it does not work.  Change the e-mail address accordingly to your userrname and keep your router's behaviour monitored for the next IP address changes.  If your router's DDNS tool asks for the username, then please enter this, not anything else.


          my account on your web


          That is not our web!  And we other users cannot check your account.  This can be done by staff only.

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            What RotBlitz suggests is true and likely the issue you're facing. If you do not know your username you can find it in your account via account.dyn.com and clicking on "account settings". Please let us know if this resolves the issue that you are having.

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              kindly have a look at my router setting and make sure domain name is correct


              ISP                  : DynDNS.org

              Domain Name : 55.selfip.com

              Username       : quhtani

              Password        : **********


              I tried all possible ways with no success.

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                What is the evidence for not working?  Currently your hostname 55.selfip.com points at  Is this wrong?  What would be the right IP address?


                Edit: Also, your DDNS update client probably raises an update only when your IP address changes.  I see that it did not change since several days now.  Is this the reason why you think it doesn't work?

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                  Based on the information you've shared and seeing the setup pages configuration, everything you are doing should be correct from the DNS side of things. The only bit I can think of that might be causing the issue is if the password you are using is incorrect or your account is configured to use a updater client key instead. If so you can find that in your account via account.dyn.com and clicking "account settings"


                  Barring this, I would recommend reaching out to the device manufacturer as it might have to do with the devices configuration and not the DNS.