DAC issue. [[REP_57060] Login failure.




    Need some insight to below error.


    [[REP_57060] Login failure.  [UM_10016] [UM_10016] The Service Manager failed to authenticate user [Administrator] belonging to domain [Native]. The specified user name or password is not valid.]

    [Failed to connect to repository service [Oracle_BI_DW_PROD_02].]

    An error occurred while accessing the repository[Failed to connect to repository service [Oracle_BI_DW_PROD_02].]

    [05/09/2019 01:36:28-[REP_55102] Failed to connect to repository service [Oracle_BI_DW_PROD_02].]

    Repository connection failed.

    Failed to execute connect.


    This is happening intermittently if we do a test connection from DAC to informatica repository service. And there is no issue with pmrep connectivity check i have spooled in a 100 iteration using pmrep and none failed. so looks like the issue lies n the DAC. The problem is that this issue happens 1 or 2 in 5 attempts using the DAC client test connection.


    Any suggession would be helpful.