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    Map-Url bugged in ORDS 19.1


      URL Mapping in the latest ORDS doesn't appear to work. It appears bug 28877175 has found its way back into the latest ORDS (

      base-path is ignored, and it only works when entering the workspace ID in the URL


      For example, here is my url-mapping.xml file:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <pool-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/apex/pool-config">

      <pool name="DEMO" base-path="/ords/demo" workspace-id="MY_DEMO" updated="2019-04-17T12:56:08.333Z"/>



      If I go to http://servername:8080/ords/demo, I get a 404 error.

      If I go to http://servername:8080/ords/my_demo, it works (but it shouldn't).


      MY_DEMO is the workspace name, not URL. I need the base-path to work as it should.


      This was supposedly fixed in 18.4, but appears to of resurfaced in 19.1.

      Has anyone else come across this issue?  And if so, is there a workaround?