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    FRM-92102: A network error or server failure has occurred.


      FRM-92102: A network error or server failure has occurred.

      The Forms client has attempted to reestablish its connection to the Server 5 time(s) without success.

      You will need to restart your application.

      Java Exception:

      java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 intermittently.


      Can anyone help me on these issue.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Without some details it will be hard to help.  In the future, please always be sure to include details about the software you are using, the platform on which it is installed, and the steps to reproduce the problem.  It would also be helpful if you described what you have tries so far and those results.


          To start, HTTP 403 (as you've indicated) is a "Forbidden" error.  This can happen when the application makes a request to resources to which it does not have permissions to access.  It can also occur when the listener is over tasks.  In other words, the server may be under powered, there may be too many users trying to connect, and/or your environment is not properly configured.


          Also important to understand is that unless you have failing hardware, it is unlikely the problem is intermittent.  You just haven't identified the pattern to make it fail yet.  This is important to understand because in order to troubleshoot something like this you often need to rule layers out.  For example, if you currently are using OHS, try running without OHS and run directly against the application server (e.g. WLS).  If you are running an old Fusion Middleware version this may not be possible.

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            We are seeing only above error..we are  using weblogic 10.3.6 version  in linux platform. we are getting the error while we are navigating to the other pages. We have tired increase the values  for network retries,FORMS_TIMEOUT,heartbeat but still we are getting the same issue.


            In the server there no connection except we are facing in the dev env.if we are using the directly without ohs also facing the issue.

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              As a reminder, Fusion Middleware 11.1.x is no longer supported.  Upgrading to a supported version is recommended.


              Regarding your issue, altering any of the Forms timeout related values will not change this behavior.  Your issue is likely as I mentioned above or an issue with the application modules.  Verify the permissions settings on the modules.  If they are appropriate (meaning everyone has READ access or more) then try to regenerate the module(s) that are causing problems.  When regenerating be sure to use the compile_all=yes compiler option.


              Also, as I mentioned, it is extremely important to provide the details of what you are using and what you have done.  By not providing such information, everyone (including you) will just waste time trying to guess.  So again,


              • Exactly what Fusion Middleware software versions are you using.  You mentioned WLS 10.3.6, but what about the Forms software?
              • On what platform and version is this software installed?
              • Are the generated Forms modules (FMX, MMX, PLX) owned by the installation owner (e.g. "oracle")? This is mostly relevant on Unix/Linux platforms.
              • You are using a very old FMW version, so I must assume this worked correctly at one time.  What has changed recently since this issue started?
              • Any additional details would be helpful.