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    Editing HTML directly within the Responsys editor?


      I have been told by the agency we work with to NEVER edit custom HTML directly inside the Responsys campaign workbook. To only edit your HTML in an external editor like Dreamweaver and then re upload your HTML into the manage content area in Responsys.


      I am trying to establish best practices and wondering everyone's thoughts on this topic. I have tried editing directly in Responsys and sometimes it does not save my change.


      I was wondering all your thoughts on if you do edit HTML in Responsys or not? And why?





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          Hi Tim,


          Although the editor inside Responsys campaign workbook is adequate for minor changes and/or additions (like for example adding a personalization token), it is not very useful when it comes to editing complex/large email content.

          It lacks features like proper html formatting, searching, advanced tag completion, section expanding/collapsing, visual aids (e.g. color coding), code versioning, etc.


          I would advise you to build a development routine where you do all the "heavy" stuff in an external HTML editor and then transfer your HTML code in the built-in HTML editor for further additions/testing. It all comes down to personal preference but you will discover that a hybrid approach yields better results.